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The diaspora newsletter

A call for writers

Inaugural Edition - Summer 2019

As international teachers continue to make an impact around the world, experts are building the body of knowledge necessary to understand the professional learning outcomes related to international teaching experiences. While there is still a small number of studies documenting the actual experiences and contributions of international teachers in their host countries and beyond, there is an urgent need for international teachers themselves to tell their own stories. Relinquishing this opportunity to someone else comes with the risk of masked truth, misrepresentation of facts or not telling the story at all. The Diaspora Newsletter is an attempt to mitigate the problem before it becomes a problem.

Through this quarterly digital forum, writers, readers and fellow international teachers will learn about each other’s experiences while teaching abroad. Our goal is to keep the sharing of information to be beneficial to all international educators and other stakeholders. In doing so, we will go beyond just sharing stories, we will feature schools and organizations that are looking to hire educators like you. We will highlight all the opportunities available for personal and professional growth in different destinations.

That being said, we want to give you an opportunity to tell your story. Please prepare and submit an article for our inaugural Diaspora Newsletter coming out in July 2019.

  • Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word document and should be 500 words or less in length (except for occasional special feature). Keep your article brief and to the point, since readership time and attention is limited. Be brief and you will have a better chance of holding the reader’s attention. Please note that if your article too long, the editor may cut portions of it.
  • Consider your audience. Make sure your jargon is not so technical that it will baffle your
  • Include the author’s name, affiliation and contact information. Your contact information
    will not be published.
  • Avoid editorializing (expressing your opinions as facts). It is better to stick to the facts of
    your experiences.
  • Run spell check and word count on your article before sending it. The Diaspora Newsletter prefers articles that need little to no proofing.

Guidelines for Photos or Graphics

  • Include a maximum of four (4) photos. Each photo or graphic as a separate file attachment, not embedded in a Word document. Resolution of digital photos should be 200 dpi or greater. File formats for photos should be JPG.
    We have formulated the following questions to guide the creation of your article. Please respond as exhaustively as possible
    What is your country of origin?
  • In what country do you currently live/work?
  • What is your current job description?
  • How long have you been in your current job/position?
  • How did you hear about the job you currently hold?
  • Describe the qualifications that made you the most suitable candidate for your job.
  • To what extent did your college education prepare you for your current job?
  • Describe the social life in your present country of residence/work.
  • In what ways is the social life different from that in your home country?
  • Where else have you worked?
  • To what extent do you think that your stay in a foreign country might impact your career?
  • Thinking about your journey, would you consider taking up another overseas teaching job?
  • How much longer do you intend to teach outside your home country?
  • What is the significance of international teaching experience to your country?

Please send your article to the email address below no later than June 15, 2019.
Thank you!
Robert Ondere

Thanks for choosing to be a part of this initiative